I Wish

March 16, 2017
By , El Segundo, CA

I wish I knew why I felt this way.

I wish I knew why I can't commit.

I wish I knew why I hate people I shouldn't.

I wish.

I wish I was an adult, even though that will solve nothing. I feel like I'm in a horrible black spiral of apathy and sadness. I wish life was easy, I wish I was a bird so I could not have such complex thoughts. I wish I was over. I wish I would reach My expiration date.

Oh, and I wish I wasn't so damn dramatic.

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Smiles4Hope said...
Mar. 17 at 6:04 pm
Oh, please don't. Don't do anything that you'll regret, don't hurt hurt yourself, 'cause you're hurting so many more people when you hurt yourself. Please try to lean on someone. Please try to smile, even if it's fake. Please try to hold onto what you love. Please, Please, PLEASE! Find help. Keep your true friends close, tell at least one other person. or even thing! And don't let venom poison you. Love yourself, for you are loved. It'll get better, just hold on and cry out for help.
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