What We Are

March 11, 2017
By KaylaYbarra12 BRONZE, Studio City, California
KaylaYbarra12 BRONZE, Studio City, California
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We gulped down the night

stars like floss between our teeth

we are strung out Christmas lights

messy and spilling from the darkness

Children look at us glow and wonder

what it took to get us lit

You storm and flood my mind

the heart can turn over so heavy sometimes

I could gag that night up

I could splatter it out but the pavement

is empty of our moments together

the melancholy and the tragic

my glossy-lame love and bleak broken heart

we are a series of unaddressed letters

with watermarks streaking down the pages

The author's comments:

Kayla lives in Los Angeles and attends high school. She spent a summer at the Kenyon Review Young Writers program where she fell in love, broke her heart, but kept writing anyway.

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