I am from poem

March 9, 2017

I am from a blank t.v. screen

From soft blankets  and comfy pillows 

I am  from the light blue home that is more calming once you walk through 

The house. It feels like a presence of "I'll always be there."

I am from cherry blossoms the almost dead  tree right outside my door.

Whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own. 

I'm from talking about life as a family and telling people how it is

From my mom and my sassy old grandma 

I'm from giving people  chances  that they don’t deserve and letting

People walk all over me and still give them chance after chance

And  from never listening to what people think ever.

I'm  from use your manners and always be self reliant because you can't  rely on everyone

And treat others the way you want  to be  treated

I'm from leaving shoes  at the front door 

I'm from French and Italian heritage  

Tuna casserole and steak stir fry from how 

My uncle broke most of his bones in a motorcycle accident 

And  still was fearless enough to do it again. 

From me and my brother and cousins, me almost half asleep

While everyone else had a smile on their face, on the backyard of  a swing chair

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