Choir Colors

March 8, 2017
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I think Blue is my lucky color

It's the color of his eyes

The color of the shirt he said he liked

The color of the lake we live behind

The color of his backpack’s stripes

The color of my white lies


I think Red is my favorite color

It’s the color of his hair

The color of the shirt he wore I liked

The color of his voice when he sings

The color of the folder he keeps music in

The color of the pen I lent him


I think I hate the color Yellow

It’s the color of her hair

The color of her soprano singing voice

The color of her rain jacket

The color of her backpack’s polka dots

The color of her smile when she looks at him


I think my life is the color Brown

It’s the color of my eyes

The color of their hands intertwined

The color of their two-part harmony

The color of the soft glances sent at each other

The color of her happiness

I got them there

But now everything is grey

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Catastrophe2 said...
Mar. 18 at 12:06 pm
Amazing poem! I love how it fits together perfectly to create a story.
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