That Day

March 8, 2017
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It was clear as day.
You were there and life seemed great.
But we were all about to pay.
To pay for all the things you had done.
To pay for the sins you had completed. To realize you were not the man you had seemed to be.
You made it seem that you were the one we could turn to.
The one we could go to for anything.
The one to see when we couldn't go on.
But all that was over now.
Now, we will never see you in the same way again.
If you ever step through that door, you will not see the same kids.
You will not get the greeting you expected.
If you think that we will greet you with open arms, you are mistaken.
Because if ever given the chance, I will go into you with the force of an ox.
I will use the horns you surgically implanted in my head to impale you.
I will use the trident you placed in my hands to throw at you with the force of a sniper.
I will use the tip of my pointed tail to strike you.
Send in my army of the undead to make you pay.
Because no one can repay the debts you have.

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