Rotting Hum

March 6, 2017

Have you ever felt your soul begging to go home?

like a love song stuck in your head stuck so deep that
The constant hum drives you crazy, so crazy that
you’re desperate for silence.
Have you ever been so desperate for silence that
you let your soul drag you home?
It drags me along winding mossy country roads to a place that
may be invisible to the sane eye.

A little piece of quiet peeps through a hole in the blackberry thicket
My soul wails out at the non-sight but I don’t mind the noise anymore
I duck past thorns who claw me back from the hidden place and sometimes
Sometimes tears roll down my face like a river I’ve never seen before.
That’s how this river flows, you never ever see the same water flow by twice
There’s train tracks there, sprigs penetrating precarious wood covered in moss that
One day iron horses must have dragged a different hum here but for now
I am at peace. My soul tugs me gently over the rickety track bridge that
has broken long ago, pieces falling into the river running below
Was it the vibration from such a peaceful hum that wore me down over time?

If I could let my begging soul stay home I would
but awe and wonder rot like rotted tracks of wood

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