March 6, 2017
By Shadow8015 BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
Shadow8015 BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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One day followed by another,
no reason to be anxious,
no purpose worrying,
not one thought of going back to the very places you dread,
no sleep schedule,
no set location to be five days a week.
Warm weather enabling you to make flexible plans.
wading through the water,
dunking under in a playful way,
getting a taste of chlorine,
but knowing that your friends are there to pull you up
the water is the only thing trying to drown you,
not your fears and responsibilities.
Long days,
so exhausted that your vision starts to blur,
and your legs ache so much that you can’t stand
--the difference being that you feel the way you do,
because you refused to let the day end,
determined to drag it on for what seems like an endless time period,
mistaken that if you don’t sleep,
the day won’t end,
allowing your timeless mindset to continue another minute.
Knowing that you could be sleeping;
one of the few things you look forward to in the grind that is nine months a year;
but that at the current moment, rest is one of your least concerns.
you know that at the end of the day you will be falling into the cotton dream,
a pillow on your unmade bed- the couch of a friend.
Sleep is a paradise that is unexplainable
when alarms don’t force you to drag yourself out of the only place you want to be at after waking  up.
When enjoyable time outweighs the chores,
you tend to forget bad experiences.
still consuming forty hours a week,
feels like a small sacrifice to maintain your wild adventures.
Even the sacrifice element becomes irrelevant when you are surrounded by your best friends,
and the smells of greasy,
flavor-packed steakburgers and shakes rich in sugar.
The loud beeping of fryers
the notification that yet another hungry customer has entered the drive thru
with unrealistic expectations and cravings to back it.
The work you do becomes a sense of purpose
becomes something you look forward to.
a constant reminder of past and upcoming performances by your favorite artists.
Wild crowds of intoxicated fans screaming the butchered lyrics to their favorite
Passionately they sway as a wave to the beach that is the stage.
The 13 other people that are with you disappear into the wave as you do.
Upon leaving you realize that you don’t have a voice
and you are wearing the earplugs that you should have brought.
At a sudden decision,
you find yourself winding down back roads with no destination,
the only purpose being the view.
The views of summer
one of the things that brings you coming back,
the stark difference between the summer night sky
and the bright and sunny days.
Yet it comes and goes each year,
and it's your job to make something of it.

The author's comments:

Inspired by the summer of 2016, one of my favorite summers I have personally experienced.

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