In Between Moments

March 6, 2017
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You just finish your last final and you're waiting in silence
for that last few seconds of the school year.
You stare down the clock looking
around at your friends and giggling
about how your a few seconds away from
being a senior.

The anticipation builds
and it's almost as if you are in a movie
where the teenage kids are counting down
and when the bell finally rings
you scream summer and break into song.

The feeling you get when you think of summer,
the feeling of freedom and carelessness,
is exactly what my summer was made up of.
The in between moments.
The little ones that most people brush off or barely remember.

I had no idea how my summer was going to go.
All I knew was a had a new boy in my life
and there was something about him that i couldn't quite figure out,
something different.

After the day had ended and everyone began to run to their cars,
I ran into him and he asked, “would you maybe want to get lunch with me?”
Out of shock at his unusual boldness
I said yes,
this began an endless summer of getting to know him.
Late night ice cream runs
to early morning breakfast.
I was engulfed in the idea of forever.
Forever wanting a summer of little moments,
like long car rides
and singing so loud that your throat hurts.
Moments that to others
are so minor that they can't even recall them.

Washing the smell of chlorine from my hair
every morning
and hiking in the evening
trying to time it just right so that you get to the top
just as the bright, orange, warm, rays stretch across your face.

The sound of laughter fills a once empty parking lot for a weekend
along with carnival games
and raffle tickets everywhere.
The smell of Funnel cake making your jaw water
and taking picture of your bread co dates
because it's just too perfect to pass up. 

But what happens when it's all over?
What happens after the cold breeze rolls in
and the carnivals drive away
and the pools close up?
What happens when your summer fling
turns into the boy you want to marry?

You take a deep breath
and hold on to those perfect in between moments forever. 

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