The One And Only

March 3, 2017
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i love you,
i mean that,
you love me,
i know that,
we know each other so much
i know for a fact,
this is a forever thing,
i love your sweet voice,
I smile when you sing,
my deep affection towards you,
is finding new ways to love you,
my baby, my girlfriend, my boo
the way I view you,
everyday i find a new aspect
of you that i fall in love with you even more,
i hold you, you tell me you love
i trust you, i tell you the same,
this love is unconditional,
we go through our good & bad times
but no matter what , we progress,
we depend, we comfort each other,
your my other half,
i got your back, you got mine
your cheesy jokes you make, they make me laugh,
you know me so well it feels like you know me better than I know myself,
Im going to say it and never going to stop saying it
“I love you"

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