On the inside

March 3, 2017

It hurts to know that nobody cares for me
I never receive any attention by anybody
Do I even Exist?
Because it clearly feels like i don’t
A lot of times i feel like crying but i won’t
Everyday you may see that i am smiling
But really on the inside i am dying
In my room I am always sitting
Asking myself, why am I even living?
I have so much pain
But this feeling I can not explain
All i want to do is punch
Because this pain hurts so much
My heart is aching
But it really feels like it is breaking
Even though in the inside i am full of hate
I have to act like everything is straight
I feel like a blade is my only happiness
Because it takes away all my sadness
Sometimes i want to give up and end it all
There would be no point because nobody would care overall
I am just hanging in here
Hoping i can make it to another year
Hoping everything will change in my life
So I actually want to be alive.

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