Sell it

March 2, 2017

Sometimes it's just selling souls
selling dreams
Hot july
Laser beams
Eye on you
eyes on me
Bidding loud
With big bank accounts
The american dream
money and fast cars
In the fast lane
Originality faded
Thoughts and hopes sedated
I'm the watcher
The keeper
If i open my mouth
They rip my youth out
my vocal cords
Yet nothing changes otherwise
You gotta open wide
No one's truth is the truth
No one's truth is ugly
If money keeps taking
they keep taking my money
The ideals are obsessive
Harsh lines
Strung through the grapevine
The reality is beautiful
Something about making your way
The struggle
But the struggles have been struggled through
The tables turned
You're about to graduate
Yet you haven't learned
You never will and neither will I
till we experience and breathe
No real reason to or why
and open your mouth
The lies will be lied
Everythings distorted to our own perception
All trying to bend it back to the ideal
Contraception of the harsh world ripping us out throwing away
I sell
Sell an image
So do you
My body
Visual prostitution
My mind
Meaningless verbal pollution
Myself short

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