Lifes of a Trees

March 2, 2017

Life of a tree
                             Start with the light hitting our new and fragile skin
How much I develop the scent and enjoy every bit of it
Grow older and see the most amazing things as my final growth hits
Many memories of the open green fields played by the little bitty people with joy
Feeling the palm of their hands crawl on my rough skin to reach my flowing, nature hair
I would let them sit on my shoulders enjoy the view of the beautiful sun
They let go and then go to rest for a next day
I stand tall under a million stars as I shine and shimmer with the droplets of their beautiful light
The night lets out a breeze that blows off my hair
One by one turning brown, yellow, or red as they fall
I see many of my comrades have the same process wondering when it will grow all back
We stand tall, with the dye of a different color 
The little people come and play upon our fallen hair
Brushing it back into piles and then jump in like a bomb causing it to go flying
The wind hits again, causing as to let all of our hair fall
We are left bald less
With the temperatures of ice
Inches of the white blanket covering our shoulders, our arms, our feet
Causing moments of shiver on my spine
Yet I am very warm in the inside by the little fur balls moving a lot
I peer and see the little people enjoy the blankets of the whiteness
Throwing to each other, riding with it, laying on it making it, enjoying it
I let a tear out but doesn’t not fall
freezes with the other drops of tears, solid and pointy on my skin
The breeze hits
My vision blurs with the whiteness disappearing in a vortex
From my back I could feel warmth
The sun has risen from its slumber
Let’s out his friends of puff and fluff
clean us with its temperate showers
my leafs grow back, then many fall
My branches fall as well as the jet of its shower hits
my leafs float on the fall of water
My skin falls, I take one last look at the world and closed my eyes
My center heart floats on the stream
Sinks me on the new grounds of the green field
The sun comes out and shines my new home
Once again I rise and once again I live another day.

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