Don't trust female dogs

March 1, 2017
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Thinking id die for her
Would have done anything for her
Be there and care for her
Very first girl i wanted to love forever
I would have been the disease
And you would have been my cure
But now i'll be riding along forever
Like a ship with no shore.

As far as the eye could see
I seen you but you didn’t see me
Now i know to not trust a girl who say she isn't ready
Because it is all a lie and it really hurt me deep down inside

Laying down at night and reminiscing
Feeling like something ain't right something is missing
Like someone feeling there pocket
To see if there phone is there
If you would have only showed me the same love
Then it would have been completely fair

If i was a dove i wouldn't fly to you to wash you off
My feelings are soft

Love is a strong word
But not when i'm explaining you though
You could have been my X’s and O’s tic-tac-toe
Im technically single because my heart is taken
By someone i can’t call my own i wish it was taken by you
Because you're one of the most beautiful girls i've ever known

Me with you is like a fairytale
You a blessin and you put a curse on me
Its best if i'm stale cause a feeling for you is a test
Cause i always fail

I guess that’s how love be feeling
When u finally find someone that has a meaning
And then you can't stop daydreaming
Of what we could have been
Then you get your heartbroken just like me
4 your eyes Nancy

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