Raising Our Sons Wrong

March 7, 2017

Listen, it pains me say this, but the fact remains is I don’t think we’ve been raising our sons right
We tell them hide your emotions, in white man’s America never cause a commotion, and if someone disrespects you then you have to fight
Why teach your son that the slightest show of emotion warrants being referred to, because the tougher are preferred few, as feminine
All that’ll is cause frustration that builds and builds and in life they’ll lack communicational skills, while for our daughters we’d never want the same
And why do we tell them to sell their souls and go fit a role
Only to work for the same people that want to make sure we remain on the bottom of the food chain
We tell them don’t be emotional but it’s okay to have thinly veiled anger, emotional discussions always left a cliff hanger
Teaching our boys the temperament and mentality of a gang banger and then blame them when they grow up to be exactly that
We’ve been raising our boys wrong and that’s a simple fact, be this -no act like that, pretend to him, but always be yourself
And always show face for the sake of your health
They end up confused, their life a collage of blurred lines, and when they finally want to fix it they’re life has been lived, they’re running out of time
I’m telling you man we’ve been raising our sons wrong

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