March 7, 2017

I stare outside as the snow falls.
Beyond my window is a field of untouched white powder.
The trees are lined in a white coating
And the field sits silently, untouched.

Some say that the snow is beautiful.
That it’s so graceful and quiet
With each snowflake that falls, a sprinkle of joy is brought
To the seemingly never-ending winter.

It makes these people think back to their childhood
Their homes and happiness
Where they could make snowmen and snow angels
Without any worry.

Others say that there is no purpose to snow
They say that it looks nice now
But soon it will just become dirty,
Polluted with all that lie underneath it.

It forces us to go out and dig out old paths
Until our backs ache and our fingers are frozen.
The snow makes us cold.
It sits on our roads until it turns to slush or melts away inevitably erasing the purity that it had once possessed.

I stare outside as the snow falls.
The world quiet as my mind thinks about you.

I know I don’t need you.
I know life will move forward,
whether you choose to fall for me or not.
But life won’t be as beautiful,
If you’re not around to watch the winter go by.

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