No Shame In My Home

March 7, 2017
By CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
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I am From a place 

that can have danger,

but beauty in 

the same spot.


There is no 

other place that

smells as sweet as

my be-loved yard.


Once a day in the 

East, the sun will

rise above the

trees. And set in the 

West, so the blue glow

can have it's turn.


I am from a house

that is not 

quite big, but the family

who lives inside 

has no end.


I am from a house

with the glass 

that keeps

us whole.


I came from a 

woman with a

name of strength,

in which was named

Stephanie, to most.

But to others

she was called 'Moma'.


Even though we had

came from 'The Woman of Strength',

we were not 

raise by her.


She was unable

to stay around for long.

And now she stays

below our feet

where we can visit 

'The Woman of Strength'.


Every year we

go out of town and 

visit a place of

cold and winter.


The traditions in

my life make

the eggs

harder to crack.


All of the years

I have grown,

I had learn that

those who

fuss for none 

gain something to

fuss for.


Children are not the 

onlt thing that grows 

our beauty.


The fruits grow

great and bold

on their

trees, bushes, vines-

all so tall.


Whether they are the

redest of apples,

the bluest of berries,

greenst of pears,


purplest of muscidines.


I am from a place

where hours would 

go by

just by picking

the fruits.


I am from a place

where you could

climb living towers 

of wood.


The place I have grown in

for many years

and waste time

by having a very

blue fight; in which

would bring us the

wonderful laughter of a child.


Where I am from is

mostly a warm and cool place,

but can be muddy;

due to the creek

down the trail I have followed

for many nights.


Where I am from

it is correct to

help the ones who need it,

but may not deserve it.


Rather to be




My favorite thing to do

in the beauty of my yard

is to capture it,

in a form of

writting or simple



Although my yard

is wild and free,


Although my 

family is quite 



Although my home

is broken,


Although my traditions

are different,


Although our sayings

are tough,


Although the fruits 

grow proud,


Althought my memeries

tell a story 

known will truely know,


Although our ways

are strnge,


Although the thing I 

do are not 

the same, 


This is where

I am from

And I have

no shame.

The author's comments:

My teacher had us write a poam about our lives or somehow explain us. It was a national assignment called "Wher I am from".

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