What Have I Done

March 6, 2017
By asulfridge SILVER, Boise, Idaho
asulfridge SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Oh my life 

Life so plentiful

Life so full

What have I done?


So consumed with love

I could not see

So consumed with lust

I could not comprehend

The thoughts going through my head


All of my past morals

All my past promises

All gone now

All questioned

What have I done?


Strong hands have he

Strong arms have he

Oh so very handsome

Oh so very gentleman 


I see it in his eyes

I see it now

The desires of a single boy becoming clear

All so clear now

All it takes

Is one single incident 

What have I done?


His hand in mine

His arm around me

His eyes driving into mine

Oh sweet euphoria


He gets adventerous

He gets to a certain point

My heart nearly dies within me

What have I done?


I thought I learned 

I knew better

Better than to allow such things

Better than to go where I went that day

All I wanted was a hug

I certainly got that

And more


Dancer am I

No excuse

Excuse for where your hands went


The question still stands

Do you like me

If you do

Why the back and forth

Why the timidity when I show my feelings

Why the courage when you show yours

What have I done?


Why me

Why not her

Or her

Or her

Why the girl with no romanic ability whatsoever 


The question still stands

Are you scared

Are you shy

Are you in love with me

What have I done?

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