My Year

February 24, 2017
By , Avon Lake, OH
My year

My year like everyone else's has had its ups and downs, there were some smiles but many more frowns, this year has taught me a lot, at one point I was so down seeing this day I would've never thought, I've been taught to never give up, even the times I've felt that I've had enough, I was taught that it's ok to ask for a helping hand, you never have to go through anything alone, when you don't open up your problems become unknown, there is nothing wrong with asking for the help, I have been battling depression since the 6th grade, when my mom made me go see a therapist I felt betrayed, I wanted to deal with it on my own, alls I wanted to be was alone, fast forward years later, this past summer I was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts, my dad goes around calling it a ploy, no one knows how much I was destroyed, Im not sharing this for you to feel bad, im sharing this so when your in my shoes you ask for that helping hand, I am here for anyone that ever needs to talk, I understand what it's like to feel like you have no one and nobody should walk alone, you can hate this poem all you want but alls I want taken away from this is you to know your not alone.

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