February 23, 2017

Depressing to see my family falling apart

Not being able to trust my friends is breaking my heart

My only ways out are God and lyrical art

But I will overcome


People have been selling me false hope

My circumstances aren't at all dope

And I'm trying to figure out how to cope

But I will overcome


Feeling like I'm on my own today

Praying that God will show me the way

But knowing that there will be better days

Oh I will overcome


To everyone who was ever fake

My joy you and satan cannot take

Because I know that God won't leave or forskae

Oh I will overcome


I trust in God with all my might

Knowing that by me He will do right

I've already won every single fight

Therefore I've overcome


I may not have the greatest height

But I'll be the one to shine the brightest light

Again I'll trust God with all my might

Therefore I've overcome

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