Making it out alive

February 28, 2017
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Ever since i was young my goal was to make it out the hood
But every decision and action to mama was no good
Grew up without a father by the age of six he got slaughtered
Raised in hell, crazy to think it was better sleeping in a jail
Because where i'm from people die every day,
Always like damn wasn't i just with him yesterday
Go to sleep at night wishing i can fly
But at this point my main goal is trying to make it out alive

Everything for my mama trying to make it without no drama
Trying to get away from the life of being masked up with bandanas
In school my teachers told me to Fake it till i make it
Hoping that one day i can make my music great hits
Changing up like i can shape shift
At this point if you not with me then dont say s***

Too young to die and too old to cry
It all happened when i opened up my eyes
Looking back at the hard times
when i wasn't sure if i would make it to tomorrow
But now tomorrow is yesterday
Finally made my momma proud to me this the best day
This is what i wanted when i prayed for better days

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