February 27, 2017
By Blizzardstorm DIAMOND, Willow Street, Pennsylvania
Blizzardstorm DIAMOND, Willow Street, Pennsylvania
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“Wrongfully do men lament the flight of time….Let your work be such that after death you become an image of immortality.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Liquid golden, salted, yet sweet
Enhancing, enchanting, bold and beautiful
A blossoming spring Sunday so silky,
Summer’s rays dressed flamboyantly.

Honey cracker, lip smacker; delicious.
Sea breeze kissed with autumn’s produce
Apple, pear, pomegranate seeded splendor
Joyful tears stained upon cool snow

Crisp, soft, smooth but crunchy.
Powerful vigor shot through our roots
As trees bleed a new truth among Earth
The sky runs warm, the air softened.

Brightening, savory, succulent snack,
Smashed, crushed, ground in citrus,
A cherished delicacy among them;
Them, the Gods of Olympus.

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