Lost without you

February 27, 2017
By Queen_Panther GOLD, Bethlehem , Pennsylvania
Queen_Panther GOLD, Bethlehem , Pennsylvania
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'Never give up on life. If you give up on life, your giving up on yourself too.'

In my heart I will always keep you

In my stories I will always put you

In my mind I will always think of you

In my life their will always be a place for you


In my dreams I always dream you...


Please come back to me

Without you,

My heart is breaking

My stories have no meaning

My mind is lost

My life falling apart without you


You said you wouldn't leave

but yet I find the closet empty. None of your clothes there. Everything gone.

Just like my heart is gone you took it with you when you left and cause of that I let myself fall slowly and lonely asleep.

The author's comments:

Hope u guys like it!

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