Cross Country

February 27, 2017
By Jesse*** BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
Jesse*** BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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Practices which consist of running 10 miles a day,
Sometimes I feel like I’m running from a bull, Olay!
Muscles and bones become very sore,
I often feel like I can take no more.

Spaghetti suppers are truly the best,
They fill my tummy before a long nights rest.
I wake up early to meet with the team,
We all put forth, our coach’s dream.

We go to our box and get ready to run,
I fear that this will not be any fun.
The gun fires to start the race,
I try to set myself at a great pace.

The sweat on my lips tastes very tart,
Yet I push on with all of my heart.
As the finish line comes in sight,
I push through with all my might.

Now I am finished and my body can rest,
I am satisfied, for I did my best.
Although I nearly come in last place,
My teammates greet me with a smile on their face.

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