Lessons in Virtue from Fainting Goats

February 25, 2017
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Fainting goats are a rush of relief
A bright spot in a difficult world
There they are – munching, waddling, bleating –
Then BOOM, down they go
Something spooks them and they all fall
Sideways, flat on their side, shocked still.
I wish people could be like that;
There they are – walking, talking, laughing –
Then BOOM, they hear a word and down they go
Face falling into place, emotion doing its work.
Why can’t people be so easy to read?

Here’s the reality:
There they are – walking talking, laughing –
Then BOOM, they hear a word and….
Same face, same everything, just a flicker in their irises.
You know they feel, but you don’t know what.
Why can’t people be more like fainting goats?

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