Prayer before I sleep

February 9, 2017
By kasey718767 BRONZE, Bayside, New York
kasey718767 BRONZE, Bayside, New York
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The Earthly city began from Adam and Eve
From the very moment she picked the apple off the tree
Just proves that man can’t listen and do what they’re told
And from then on all kinds of evil unfolds

Lord, I’ve been walking around
And all I can hear are the sounds
Of us cursing, killing, leaving brothers
Without a drop of consideration for others

Why do we seem so incapable of peace?
Why can’t we love one another as you say we should; or at least
Be civil beings and not bully another person
Over how they look, feel, or believe with their religion

Father have you heard the cries from the homes of broken families
Where they raise corruption and breed tragedies
Where the children are hungry and have no force of gravity
To pull themselves back up to their own sanity

To feel safe living in their country
To not go hungry
Why do we do this to others? Why do we separate?
Why are we incapable of living together without all the hate?

I know things are not as bad as I say they are
After all with our efforts came technology, science, and art
But what man seem to lack is only one thing
We lack the patience to withstand dropping bombs and killing

People say World War 1 and World War 2,
But there are plenty of other wars that the Earth has been through
Plenty of battles hastily made by foolish rulers
There are even some genocides that have been forgotten by us foolers

Do you recall the Holocaust?
It killed 6 million and left a whole religion lost
Do I need to bring up the Vietnam, Korean, and Armenian genocide?
That all started from simply hating the other side

Our society worships and idolizes figures
That are not even real and are just photoshopped cheaters
We just end up hating our bodies, blessings that were born with
They say we won’t judge you but maybe that’s a myth

Father, please I beg of you, help our world
Guide us through the agony and the turmoil
Teach us to love another for their character and nothing more
And please, father, love us for our complicated controversial core

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