No Answer to Your Prayer

February 9, 2017
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O men
Your fingers clasped under your drained visage
Your lips mouthed pious whispers
You pleaded for me to mute the sound
Of bombs raining over trenches filled
With anguished shrieks
And cease the pungent odor
Of fire scorching blood above
Land watered by sweat and tears
You lowered your eyes with a tranquil mind
To wish for long-awaited victory so your
Loved one returns whole
But all I saw
Was bloodlust guiding blindfolded men
While demise painted colors of glory
I saw dilated pupils of a beast
On a fair boy’s face
Rifles you put in your own men’s hands
To keep their palms cold and their minds sane
Thus I saw no answer to your prayers
For you waged a war you could not win
In the name of peace


O men
It is all quiet on the frontline
Yet a lethal plague strikes the world
Men take the lives of a population
In the blink of an eye
Others hunt them in exchange for the lives deceased
When both believe in ultimate good
Yet you plant the seed of evil
In every one of yourselves

And that is why I see

You weep and curse for your loved one who was made
An unjustified martyr and victim during this war of terror
I see
You open your door and find foreigners next door
Yet you tremble to the thought of who they may be
I see
The casualties of this war not measured in deaths
But rather in the slowly dying sentiments left
In a pumping heart sharply on guard
You persuade me into thinking
That agony and apathy were my preaching
Of goodness
Thus I see no answer to your prayers
For you are waging a war you cannot win
In the name of me

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