March 1, 2017
By riyadevgan1 BRONZE, Singapore, Other
riyadevgan1 BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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They say God does everything for a reason,

It must have a been a pretty good reason to justify

All the tears, screams, and frustration I felt,
For her.


Happiness, it had once stained my heart like a permanent marker
Moments of laughter, smiles, and joy
I had it all,

With her.


We went from exchanging deep secrets to exchanging long glares,
We created first-time memories
To being just that,

A memory


She said this,

And I said that, 
It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt,
Why did I have to be that 'someone'


I would say sorry, but I know you wouldn't say it back
I would say forgive me, buts it's you that should be forgiven

I know I did the right thing,

Correction, I hope I did the right thing.


They say God does everything for a reason
It must have a been a pretty good reason to justify
All the tears, screams, and frustration I felt
For her

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem just a week after my six year long best friend told me she didn't want to be friends anymore. This descion was sparked by what had first been just a small dispute, ended up turning into the reason why I had lost her. So one day, I was taking a shower and reflecting about what I did wrong, how I would do anything to have her back, and how I hope in some twisted way, this was a sign from god trying to help me in the long run. When in the shower I felt an outpour of emotions starting to fog my confused mind, so I decided the best way to release these emotions was to express them down in a poem. I hope everyone who has also once lost someone who meant the world to them can relate to the pain, along with the willingness I felt in this poem to try and move on, but mostly importantly to know you are not alone. And remember, everything happens for a reason, but it's up to you to wait and find what that reason is yourself! 

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