February 17, 2017

I said it was late, could we please talk tomorrow

You knew what was coming,

so when you saw my eyes, you said "Hell no"
I knew it before anything even happened-
You weren't like others, but your fate was the same
Going around in circles
As the clock strikes 3
And the sun hasn't risen,

and my eyes are droopy
Too sore to keep open, to dizzy to keep shut
The last words I mumbled

were "I'm going to throw up up"
Forcing me to look into your eyes through

the silver screen,
I wish it was more about

finding the lining
In between sniffles and wipes of the eyes,

I show you I'm still here, but you fight for more
You want me to know that you love me, and it's real
You've never meant it before, so now

it's a big deal
"You're giving up on us" , I say

that's not how I see it
It's more of being pulled out of a game because I wasn't playing right

You get mad,

I say I don't want to go,

but I need to, it's what's best
And you bring up my past, helping one slimey boy cheat,

while I ate out my own heart
I can't hold back tears,

you're trying to hurt me,

I didn't think you knew what was going on,

People could see what what going on, but only on the outside,
They couldn't see that in my chest,
There was a glowing beehive

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