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The Worth of a Woman

What is the worth of a woman?
Is it less than that of a man?
Is it enough to want to pursue it?
Should it make me want to change who I am?
Is it measured with low expectations?
Is it made with a rock solid mold?
Is it something that will stay put forever?
Not a change as my generation grows old?
Is it something even worth fighting for?
Is there a real way to clean up this mess?
Is an image really permanent?
Is a girl only noticed for their dress?
Should my worth always be put second?
To the value of a grown man?
Do I even stand a chance?
In this “opportunity filled land”?
Is my work just a bunch of practice?
For a game I’ll never get to play?
Will I sit on the sidelines forever?
Will they ever listen to a word I say?
If none of this has a purpose.
And I’ve gone nowhere by the end of the day.
Just knowing that I’m a determined woman,
Makes everything feel okay.
I know that whatever the stereotype.
No matter the hurdle or fear.
I can be whoever I want to.
With the reassurance of those who are near.
Just the nod of a head.
The raise of a hand.
Or a smile caught out of the corner of my eye.
Gives hope for tomorrow.
A relief from my sorrow.
A chance to start again.
I’ll never have to ponder the worth of a woman.
I’ll never have to crouch in the presence of a man.
I can stand tall against expectations.
One species hand in hand.

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ashlynpoppe said...
Mar. 9 at 12:36 pm
Such a great piece, Madi!
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