To Anger

February 16, 2017

The only reason I face you is because you stem from dejection
You’re what I endure before a breakdown of tears
You make everything strenuous to deal with
You’re unavoidable and inexorable
I feel like I’ve been cursed with a spell that makes your unwanted company everlasting
Why won’t you leave?
You make me say the most wicked words and shatter my most precious possessions
The infuriated tears, racing heart, and vacant yet focused stares
Your inescapable presence
Blurs my hearing so I can’t apprehend the voices surrounding me
And all I feel is you
I try to avoid you as best I can
Stuffing you down and bottling you up
But it never works
Your clever and sly ways mean you unfailingly find your escape
I’m no match for you
You’re my weakness
I remember the times I had before I knew you
Filled with innocent smiles and joyous laughter
You took those undefiled moments and strangled the life out of them
Leaving them there in utter despair and defeat

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