A Summer Escape

February 15, 2017

With pendulous trees,
The mesmerizing leisurely water,
Recently ridden of its morning fog,
Stirs slightly at every breeze.
The branches hover above us, watching us,
Protecting like sleeping souls,
Like guardians.

The water leaps with you
As a protective shield.
Ripples warn predators to avoid you.
You wade back to me,
Leaving a soggy piece of felt in my hand.
From my perch on a root,
I launch the ball,
Watching it soar with the birds for a second
Before returning and disappearing under the water.

An exquisite choir of birds
Chirp and tweet a medley,
Generating tranquility throughout.
No deer or rabbits scurry.
No chipmunks or squirrels chatter.
Peace and serenity hang in the humid air.

A breeze glides across the water,
As cool as lemonade, the ice just starting to melt.
The sweet smell of freshly cut grass carted with it,
Pungent and powerful.
The sun, high in the sky, casts shadows through the trees,
Spots of relief from the heat and glare.
The relentless ball of fire reappears
Through its reflection in the undisturbed water.

Your four paws leave the water, gracefully.
Water droplets produce ripples, blurring the shallow water.
Paw by paw, the damp ground bows under you,
Worshipping your endless love.
The love that I have for you,
And you for me.

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