Greed ( Emotion coming to life)

February 15, 2017
By DarkSid3rs BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
DarkSid3rs BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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            In these lands of sorrow, there existed a being of great calamity. The pain he's passed through contains enormous melancholy. This figure wandered through the midsts of the lands, striving to find his long lost parents. Even though they disowned him, telling him that he was a mistake and that their lives would've been better off if he was never born, it never stopped him. He will go to the ends of the Earth in order to reveal to his parents that they could love a money desiring beast...


            Hello! my name is Greed and before I indulge into the aspects of my every day life, allow me to tell you a minor portion about myself. I have red, excruciatingly painful, eyes and black spiky hair. I am ery intelligent and modest, even though my career is stealing and hoarding. I have enhanced hearing that can detect and hear money dropping from a million miles away. Before I explain to you about my past, I shall mention my ''special'' ability. My ability is called... Camouflage! This ability allows me to disguise my appearance in any sort of object, pattern, or material. This ability has made my job easy because I can simply just steal possessions and no one would know the wiser.


            Last but not least, my past. As a young organism, I was never accepted by my peers. Throughout my school years, I was called a rotten thief, dirt beneath my shoe, an excuse to be alive, a homeless coward, etc. Everyone had believed that I am evil just because stealing is how I live my life, but in my opinion, they're the true monsters in this situation. To exclaim to someone that they're worthless indicates the true evil that resides within them. I may do some terrible things, but that doesn't indicate that I'm inhumane. I'm as humane as everyone else, but they treat me as if I was never supposed to exist. Eventually, I began to believe them and who knows maybe I am a mistake at this point... All I ever wanted was to feel welcomed.



            Everyone claims that I am a monster, but I'm stealing for a worthy cause. Since I've been alone for 10 years, the only thing I can do is steal or else I die. When I was young, my parents mistreated me by beating me, insulting me, spitting at me, etc. and afterwards, they abandoned me. I'm stealing because I'm homeless and I want to be rich, so many parents would welcome me back with honor and finally accept me for the son they bore. One day, I will finally see my parents again. It's been 10 years since I've seen my parents and they're probably deceased at this point. If I ever see them again, I shall return their cruelty by stealing everything they hold dearest to their hearts. I was born to be welcomed and I was born to be happy, but I was persecuted. They made me the evil I am today... They desired money more than their own child, so when I steal everything that they hold most dear, they will finally remember my name. My name is... Greed!!!

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