My passions

February 14, 2017
By , Elwood park, IL
The most light-fingered, melodic, harmonic pianist.
The sound swoops after me,
Like dandelion puffs shadowing the wind
From a G chord to a G sharp,
There’s a silence in between
A definite silence that allows me
To breathe in the melody.
A blurry day under a willow tree,
A fearless run through an orchard of colors,
Comes to me when I am one with the piano
When I am one with peace

The most graceful, flowing, hypnotic dancer.
You’ll see me dancing in the midnight sky,
Leaping across the moon and
Chaséing across the illuminating stars.
When I spot myself in the mirror,
As I’m three-step turning to the heavens,
I see my grin, cheek to cheek.
The pound of the beat,
Consistent with the pound of my heart
I know that any trickle of temper
Leaves my body at dance

The most imaginative, rapacious, avid reader.
When I pick up an age-ridden book,
It’s like I feel the weight of the characters.
I feel their joy, their sadness, their rage
In the span that my eyes are fixed on a page,
I am there for the desolation of Smaug,
I’m flying alongside a flaming phoenix,
I am the phantom in the tollbooth.
I’m a spectator who can look, but not touch
I focus on the words of fantasy,
Because they help make sense of the reality

The most dedicated, empathetic, emotional binge-watcher
I sob when the plane crashes, a leg is lost,
Lives are lost, lives that will stay with me forever
I grin when she escapes from the choke of the queen,
And reclaims her kingdom.
I laugh at a punchline in a coffee shop,
Where there’s joy and care.
I wonder when a genius sociopath,
Relentlessly tries to solve his case
It make me have hope for the world
It makes me have hope for the future

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