Beautiful Disaster

February 14, 2017
By thuntington BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
thuntington BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
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Beautiful Disaster
The world is a cruel place
So much pain
So much hurt
So much fight

Nature fights every aspect, helping one and hurting another
The lion trying to overpower the cheetah’s speed to get to the first zebra in sight
The plant being strangled by its neighbors vine for the fight of sunlight
The baby elephant who watched their mother sedate slowly

Human’s lives struggle, seeing the pain and experiencing the hurt
The wife who hears her husband won’t be returning to her arms
The mother fighting for her little girl’s protection
The adolescent who sees the hurt in their parents broken love

The world is a beautiful place
So much love
So much joy
So much hope

Nature gives to every aspect, loving one and caring for another
The lion cub whose parent always comes back for protection
The plant growing with the world, breathing every inch of the sun’s rays
The mother elephant who sprays the dry skin of their baby with her trunk

Human’s lives are beautiful, filled with hope and finding love
The mother who sees the joy in her son’s eyes as she kisses him goodnight
The wife who hears her husband’s words of love as he says he’s home free
The adolescent who finds comfort in his sister’s voice

I feel the pain of a best friend intentionally hurting me
Back stabbing me for their own pleasure of control
The call from your best friend that they’re going to prison
Their own stupid mistakes, only to be a warning

I feel the joy of laughter I share with my mother
Comfort and all the love a mother could give unlike no other
The laughs shared with a friend that no one else could understand
Their personality, so uplifting and so joyful

The pain and the beauty
make the world what it is-
a beautiful disaster

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