~ Heart Beats

February 14, 2017

The phone rings, touching every inch you bring, makes me think. Loving all your curves, searching for something before. Telling you everything that you deserve. Having you on a list all the guys want to be first. Rather invite you for coffee & tell you how much you're worth. Showing you that love doesn't have to hurt. Tell you things that people pay to search. Mother Earth made you look the way that you were meant to be, beautiful like no other found things about you that I won't find in another. Documenting me, not giving out compliments to boost people’s confidence. Trying to live on & breathe some oxygen. While they whisper, tell you the truth I sometimes lie for you. Looking at the things I made my love was free & took advantage of me. Time has change who I'm I kidding only listen to songs that mention your name in a time frame. It's on loop as the heart beats per minute like when I first saw you. It was like stories that mom & dad told us with happy endings. The saddest part was that you were my happy ending.

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