~ Trapped Residence

February 14, 2017
By theperezgallery PLATINUM, Goshen IN , Indiana
theperezgallery PLATINUM, Goshen IN , Indiana
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~ Trapped Residence
Smoke all around. Seeing things that can't be unseen. Bottles all around. Shattered glass. Walls with scars. Look at the people, faded; look into them, demons created. Why are we all here? The temptations all around, my friend, look at yourself in the reflection of the glass. See your life change before your eyes. All in the motion, why does life get so heavy? Want to fly like a butterfly. People surrounded, look at the smoke that comes out. The soul leaves without a doubt. On a couch, it's not me but why can't I leave? Killing sorrows with drinks, forgetting about problems, fitting in with the popular. That was my problem. Loud music played, shots begin to rain. Whispers tell me to stay away, do you want to live again? Do it & your life will change. A person sits next to me. "Do it, you'll be fine the next day. Nothing bad is going to happen to you today, everybody does it someday." The bottle breaks, my blood drops, the red cups aren't the answer to my faith. He disappears, nobody except me. I see a lot of people but the room is empty. Trashed out, the air speaks the unspoken. Where is our destination? Nobody takes us. Look at the days we stress, it was our mess. I pray from up above, my relationship isn't strong. Please guide me, show me how to be wise, show me wisdom. Help me create my vision. I will fall but as long as I got you, I know somebody's watching over me; seeing roads I take, putting obstacles in front of me, testing my faith. All I ask is let me create. Never to fall in temptation, only to regret the mistakes I make. Help me grow & learn from things I don't understand, lead me to things & make me a better man. Walking out, with heavy eyes. Sitting on the front porch as the people go away, as everything turns grey. Outside, nothing but a spark. In the inside, everything's dark as the cup spills out. Drops begin to drip.

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