I Don't Like Parties

February 14, 2017

As she walked into the party
And everyone came to hug her
She stood still
Arms to her side, body stiff
Smiling ear to ear

As she moved deeper into the party
She kept her head down
Gravitating to the nearest chair
She sat, legs crossed, arms crossed, eyes down
As people pass by, she brings her legs in closer and brings her arms in tighter
After minutes of not being spoken to, she takes out her phone
Looking at nothing, lifting her eyes to see if anyone notices that she is alone

She gets up
Trying to be social
She walks a step a minute, arms interlocked across her abdomen
She moves her hair behind her ear, then interlocks her arms again
She then circles back around to the chair
She looks down at here phone to see the time

She looks up and around the room
Catching someone’s eye
They smile
She smiles back pressing her fingernails into the palm of her hand
As the time passes her nails get deeper and deeper into her palm
Her body getting stiffer and stiffer

When it comes time to leave, she slowly gets up from the chair she’d been in for 2 hours straight
Walks up to the host
Standing waiting for them to notice they are there
Says goodbye, reluctantly give a hug and leave

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