Will you still love me

February 8, 2017
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It used to be a simple cut,
Will you still love me even though I have scars?
One cut,Two cuts,Three cuts,
Do you think I am beautiful still?
Four cuts,Five cuts, Six cuts,
This memory I have haunts me,
It traumatizes me leaves me in silence,
Yet my soul is buried in this cage,
And my heart is in this pool of blood,
I had to throw away this heart of mine,
Because you took it from me,
Can this memory end?
Why can't I stop cutting myself?
This knife is the way of me escaping that memory,
The thoughts in my mine,
Are hazardous and deadly,
I was once a beautiful goddess,
Who thought she was stunning,
Since that man got away with raping me,
I will never forgive myself,
Never forgive myself because he had power over me,
And I was too helpless to defend myself,
Will you still love me enough though I have scars,
Scars that tells a story your not ready to hear.

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