Ring of

February 17, 2017

I called you over so we can talk late.
Not for you to pulsate where my womb stay. 3 sessions later you sleep late only words spoken under the influence was "go faster daddy" guess I to am guilty no trail or court case.
Still as you lay wide awake I'm thinking of a million ideas I had to share
times so limited only through text and maybe a ring ring I can share a piece or 2 ..
Intimacy a word you lack knowledge of if we spoke more less up for grabs I'll tell you more
Explore each other minds hear you say my wildest dream
twirl around you as the words roll off my tongue
grab your upper body and lean in a little more as I whisper my deepest fear,
your arms wrapped around my neck as your hand dangles over my chest the more I speak the faster my heart beats you truly feel the excitement. that's intimacy energies flowing seeing my soul the deepest connection two can obtain but instead we indulged on forbidden fruit.

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