The Lost Phone

February 17, 2017
By fuentes1234 BRONZE, Alvord, Texas
fuentes1234 BRONZE, Alvord, Texas
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I was lost and I called for help.
(silently) Help, Help.
But I was on silent so no could hear me.
(Silently) Help, Help.
My “find iPhone” wasn’t on so no one could find me.
(Silently) Help, Help.
I tried to move, but of course I couldn’t.
(Silently) Help, Help.
My battery was low; I was cl0se to the end.
(Weakly but silently) heeellllppp.
I hope I get found soon.
(Even weaker) Help. (Dead)

Recharging… I’ve been found
(Silently) Yay, Yay.
I’m still on silent. I hope she turns me up.
(Silently) Yay, Yay.
I have volume again.
(Loudly) Yay, Yay.
I’m freshly charged and better than ever.
(LOUdly) Yay, Yay.

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