Dear myself

February 11, 2017
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Dear myself,

I'm proud of you.
The world is so condescending, oh so evil.
The evil comes from the people itself.
Peers amongst us, full of judgement and jealousy make it extremely difficult for the continuity of a content life.

It's the push, the stamina in our brain that determines our success.
The impurities make us stronger, and push harder for success.
Oh dear myself, I'm so proud of you for the head you carry on your shoulders.

Such a sweet mind, full of blooming ideas and the desire to benefit others.
Such a sweet mind, goes unnoticed to others surrounding us.
Such a sweet mind is blockaded by the ignorance of others evil consciousness.

Only driving me harder, faster to success.
Standard set so high, but so in reach.

The complexities of life, overwhelming my sweet minded days with doubt.
Can I make it?
Am I working hard enough?
Am I working too hard my sweet mind cannot take it?
The answers soon to be revealed, but should they so?

The standards set so high but in my reach do not slip away, but continue to grow. Always building, the dense forest of ideas, expanding by acre with the clock.
Dear myself, I'm proud of you, for your sweet mind pushing, reaching past the evil every day.

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"Magnificent" said...
Mar. 4 at 3:05 pm
Alex, We wish you the best of the best with your writing! XXOO
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