Closed door

February 11, 2017
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I'll count my steps to your house,
Just to turn around and leave another unspoken words on the top of my tongue,
And I'll break again as I give nothing,
And leave my all,
On your front door.
You know my dear, I'm just another fool,
And I'll keep my silence,
Just to keep you away from my messed up skull.
I'm so sorry, my dear,
Don't come any closer.
I can't stand you being close, just to leave with the setting sun,
Try to understand that I'm destroyed enough,
And I'm not sure how to describe,
This feeling of not being able to describe,
I need you, I do, and my paper knows,
But you don't see me staying up late,
Writing your name all over the stars,
Painting those clouds with the color of your eyes,
Isn't that a let down?
So, leave as I break,
Leave as I take another broken breath,
Leave as I pretend that I don't care,
If you leave or stay.
Leave as I cry those unseen tears.
Or just hold me closer then you ever did,
And never ask me why?

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