Where I'm From

February 2, 2017

I am from the younger me,
the younger me, safe and secure, surrounded by my six siblings.
I am from the younger me, involved, impatient, innocent without fear.
I worried about what was for diner.
I am from the sunny sweaty days of summer left with my thoughts of fast cars.
My trembling panic at attempting my first flip on my trampoline.

I am from the earth,
that feeling of the wet cold dirt on my feet summer mornings.
I am from my field that many a heart felt ball games were played on.
My feet scared from my gravel driveway where my lemonade stand stood.
I am from winter snowball fights.
The freezing snow numbing my ankles as I put the last touches on my fort.

I am from my family.
The trips to Kopp’s for cold custard as we all shared the fresh onion rings.
I am from Zach,
the way he taught me how to drive a nail into wood at age eight.
I am from Hannah,
the only sister that invited me for tasty tea parties at age five.

I am from school.
I never had to wake up for a bus.
I am from 1,000 word handwritten research reports.
Little Bighorn live in infamy.
I am from my home-school teacher kissing me goodnight.
They say no one loves like a mother.

I am from the gear turning mechanics,
They want to drive wreckless and wild.
I am from my 2000 Saturn Sc2,
The car that taught me how to not give up on my dreams even when they get hard.
I am from leaking oil and burnt charred coolant.
I can fix that.

Yet no matter what I am still always from the younger me
The younger me that had no fear
The younger me that wasn’t scared
Scared of growing up
The younger me will always be my best days
And as for now, all I can do is reminisce

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