Bubble to Burst

February 1, 2017
By RYang04 SILVER, Kensington, California
RYang04 SILVER, Kensington, California
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A bubble to burst
to shake
to prick
Defining where you belong
Your community
A privilege
A minority

A bubble to puncture
A place to feel safe
Your friends
A chance
A mistake
Where do you belong

A bubble to pop
Two bubbles merging
for a second they touch
The bubbles are broken
Like ceramic
A second passes
Gather up the pieces
Rebuild your bubble walls
To protect from the different

A bubble to stab
When stabbed
A new experience
A new perspective
A new feeling

A bubble to leave
Two bubbles interact
Act shy
Act cool
Act mean
Why don't they get along
Go be yourself
In a different bubble
Don't change yourself
to be in a bubble

The author's comments:

This peice is an accompaniment to my essay "Bursting the Bubble that Divides Us." I want people to be aware of the world around them and take action. 

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