Look in the Mirror

February 7, 2017
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If I were in charge

I would make the nerds kings

And the popular ones pay for stirring the pot


Making people feel like they were nothing

When they were something

They were great but could never see


Because of those people tearing them down

They crumpled

The ones that were great

Crumpled by the ones that only thought they were great


They throw people on the ground

Then kick them when they are weak

Keeping knives at their sides waiting to hurt


My friend

My best friend

Turned into one of them


Her knife that used to be hidden

Now out in the open proudly displayed

She almost convinced me to reveal mine

I almost stabbed my other best friend


But she would have stood tall

Because she is strong


She never payed attention to them

And their tricks

She is stronger than I


When my once nice friend realized

That I wouldn't acknowledge their spite

And hurting and tearing down


She turned on me

When I was weak

With the knife in her hand


Spread all my secrets and betrayed my trust

I gave her so many chances

So many straws


For her to just waste them

Never bothering to see

How much I cared about her


And if she did

She threw it away


My real friends told me she didn't deserve me

But I didn't care


I kept coming back to her

No matter what she said

What she did


It never mattered to me because I kept beleiving

She would come around

She never did


I snapped


Ignoring her

Every chance I got


She still thinks I'm just jealous

Of her and her friend

Yeah right


I am tired of her stabbing

And stabbing

Everyone who cared


Maybe one day she will realize

Who and what she has lost


It wasn't just me

She pushed away so many


And now she wonders why

And I wonder

If she will ever


Look in the Mirror

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turtle. said...
Feb. 12 at 6:28 pm
Nice poem.
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