We Must Not Forget

February 7, 2017

September 11, 2001,
A day that will forever be in our hearts.
The day that made our country come apart at the seams,
But we must not forget all who made the aftercare and healing possible.

We will remember the smoke and ashes,
The debris completely covering the ground.
We will remember the state our country was in,
America, land of the nervous and home of the scared.

We will remember the people who served our great country,
In its desperate time of need and vulnerability.
We will remember the first responders,
Who went above and beyond to save lives.

We will remember the news casters,
Who stayed near the crash sites to inform people of the damage.
We will remember the families,
Those whose kin were lost to the fatal attacks.

Last but not least, we will remember the victims,
The people who were innocent but, sadly, got caught in the middle.
May all the victims rest in peace and never be forgotten.

On September 11, 2001,
2,996 lives were lost
More than 6,000 were wounded

Families were torn apart and broken,
Lives were forever changed,
But we will never forget.

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