January 24, 2017
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You crouch in a circle
Staring down an animal
You are nervous
But that’s the thrill of the fight

You hear a whistle
You have a plan
But so does the animal who’s stalking you
He swiftly strikes, but you cleverly counter

That’s what you work on
It helps you weather the storm
When the storm is trying to swallow you

You make a move
He gives you a chance
So you take it
You punish him for his mistakes

You attack the beast
He’s getting flustered
But that works towards your advantage

You are wearing him down
Making him regret ever stepping into this circle
It is your territory
You make sure he knows this

You turn the beast over onto his back
He doesn’t have any will left to fight
You hear a whistle
Your arm is raised into the air

Victory Is yours

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