My Home

February 4, 2017
By Anonymous

My house smells of all the Christmases it held
When it was young and jubilant
All of the Birthdays
When my kith and kin could cluster
and herd around the family room
The room would be filled with laughter
Like a hummingbird's soothing song
And nicknames like “chopper and chickenfoot”
Would rejuvenate the laughter

At night
the sound of train tracks replace the laughter
Like the feet of a runaway trying to escape
From this boring town where nothing ever happens

My town is where mobsters had once roared
But now no one roars at all
So I hide
in the secure walls of my home.
From all the stupidity the world has to offer
And all the ignorant and prejudice people
has filled the streets so abundantly
That I’m afraid if I breathe too much in
I’ll be like an arrogant zombie
And I won’t live up to my expectations
Of fixing the world’s mistake
and helping people
Just like my dad had, as a lawyer
And Just like my mom does
as she smiles to the people who have forgotten how to

I want to be just  like my parents
Who gave me a home when someone else couldn’t
And showed me exactly what a home was

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