Mother's Hands

February 3, 2017
Mothers' hands are sweet and soft,
they're kind and gentle when they wrap you in cloth.

They're one of the first things you'll ever see,

they're as beautiful and careful as can be.

They'll care for you throughout the day,

you know they'll be with you all the way.

Mothers' hands will hold you as a toddler,

they'll talk you through your steps and love you.

They’ll help you through a life quite new,

and will always take care of your bobos.

They’ll hold your hands and clutch them tight’

they’ll love you with all their might.

Mothers’ hands will bring you to school’

they’ll help assure you it will be cool.

They’ll send you to class and give you a lunch sack’

Then after the school day they will be back.

Mothers’ hands will bring you to activities and concerts.

They will show you through and clap for you.

They will wave and cheer,

they’ll tell you they’re here.

Mothers’ hands will guide you to high school,

they’ll see your teenage dreams which are great tools.

They’ll show you how they could come true,

they’ll tell you it depends on you.

Mothers’ hands will call you on the weekend,

they’ll ask you how college was at the day’s end.

They’ll hug you on break,

they’ll give you cookies that they bake.

Mothers’ hands will love you as a grown up,

they’ll remind you about when you were growing up.

They’ll hold your children as you become another,

they’ll wish you the best as a mother.

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