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February 2, 2017
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I’m from the line of Scaringi and Campanas that moved to Canada,
who raised the people I call Mother and Father.

Where there’s a kitchen filled with homemade pasta, family recipes, and stains.  

I’m from the weekly BBQ in my backyard,
with the friendly faces and expert skills.

With the 1 AM night's, trial and error tests, and over achieving piers.

I’m from the line of  hard working, dedicated and admired ancestors,
“Don’t forget, work hard and keep your wheels spinning.”

Where the draning study sessions, and towering stacks of notecards will pay off.

I’m from the energy draining airplane rides,
that got me seven days with my family.

Where I learned to appreciate the people I have and what they do for me.

I’m from the family that experienced living in Chile, Brazil and Argentina,
where no matter what language you speak you are still invited in.

The different backgrounds, that now blend  into each other.

I’m from the countries that I still choose to visit—
four different countries filled with sweat dripping, wave crashing summer days.

Where the friends I made ten years ago still care about my decisions today.

I’m from nights working for other people’s success—
the shadows of a theater that I get to run.

Where I keep making friends who know that I love what I do, and that I will do it at all costs.

I’m from a peculiar family line, who needed energy draining plane rides to see me,
which will shape me into who I will be.

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